"Belinda has a great knowledge in Workers Compensation
and overall role of the RTW Coordinator."

On-site Consultancy

Over the years I have seen many examples of great case management. 

What separates the truly successful from the rest is a higher level of contribution toward the organisation's most important goals.

Are you looking for an On-Site Consultant with an in-depth knowledge on the Workers Compensation legislation and Claims Management procedures to assist with the management of your Workers Compensation claims?  If so, I am the person who can deliver. The breadth of my expertise covers a wide area of responsibilities.  I am a hard working, ambitious educator and motivator.  I am recognised for my creative problem solving, exceptional people skills, WorkCover Accreditation and for a high degree of expertise in the workers compensation field. 

Would you like to see some of these events take place within your workplace?

  1. BulletReduced liability on claims

  2. BulletReduced time lost

  3. BulletIncreased offerings of suitable duties

  4. BulletProgressing return to work plans

  5. BulletIncreased education for leaders

  6. BulletConfidence building for staff managing claims.

These accomplishments demonstrate what I have done in the past for other large organisations and can do in the future for you.

The on-site consultancy service includes (however is not limited to):

  1. BulletOn-site information on specific workers compensation claims

  2. BulletUnderstand and implement relevant NSW Workers Compensation Acts and Regulations

  3. BulletOn-site assistance with managing Complex Claims

  4. BulletActively participate at on-site Claims Reviews with your company and Scheme Agent

  5. BulletProvide training and information sessions in understanding and implementing your obligations as an employer.

Each consultancy service will be different, therefore, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your personal needs.